This week for our Staff Picks Saturday we hang out with the human babe behind the Instagram Account @bulldogstuff, and the brains behind all things design at Evolve, Kristina Plummer! Kristina is the Creative Marketing Director at Evolve.

She has a spectacular eye for design and style, and aside from being drop-dead gorgeous is sweet and hilarious.

She is also a compassionate vegan advocate who cares for all living creatures.

 Kristina plummer

Tell us about yourself and your style:

I’m a San Diego transplant and Portland has turned me into a earth-conscious vegan bulldog lover.

My style is bi-polar – I’m either in all black activewear & running shoes (thanks, Portland!), or dressed up with color & heels & accessories (thanks, San Diego!). 

Tell us about your body type:

I believe that all of the after school naps I took growing up turned me into a really tall human, and my constant battle between donuts and detoxes helps keep me thin, not to mention the 5+ mile walks I take with my little guys at least 3x a week. 




Joah Brown Tank:

I’m in love with halter neck lines because I feel like they don’t make my shoulders look as broad.

You can pair this top with just about anything and wear it anywhere!


Strut-This Legging:

These bad boys are so versatile – the denim texture could fool someone into thinking they’re real skinny jeans – so you could wear them to happy hour or hot yoga.

The fit is snug, the fabric is soft, and there’s two convenient pockets that make life easy and add detail. Im obsessed with leggings with pockets - they are the best! 🙂

Computer & Cellphone: Pretty much the only reason I exist is because of technology. My career revolves around the digital universe, and my long distance relationship wouldn’t work without either of these miraculous inventions. 

Kure Juice: Simply put: it’s the most delicious green juice I’ve ever consumed. 

Navajo Inspired Jewelry: My grandma recently passed and my mom gave me all of her gorgeous turquoise & coral jewelry, including an authentic squash blossom that can turn any look from drab to fab.

Boots: I used to never want to be taller, but now I can’t really wear an outfit without a little bit of heel. Also: fringe is everything to me.

Essie Nail Polish: I’m usually staring at my hands all day on a keyboard, mouse, or phone – so I always like to have my digits feelin’ pretty!




Make sure to tune back in next Saturday as we hang out with the HBIC at Evolve, owner Kyla Smith! 


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