Top 10 Free Home Workouts

Top 10 Free Online Workouts You Can Do From Home

1. Fitness Blender 

Fitness Blender is an amazing resource for absolutely free online workouts. With over 500 free videos you’re sure to find the perfect workout for you. Created by husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender aims to make health and fitness attainable, approachable and affordable. 

Fitness Blender

Cost: FREE

2. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene provides high quality free yoga videos through Youtube. No matter what your current fitness/yoga level there’s a video here for you. If you’re brand new to yoga check out their Foundation Series! Looking to turn the heat up? Try their Total Body Yoga playlist!

yoga with Adrine free online workouts

Cost: FREE

3. Melissa Wood Health

The MWH Method is a series of precise low impact movements designed to give you long lean lines. Since the workouts can be done with or without props you have the freedom to workout whenever and wherever you want!

melissa wood health

Cost: MWH offers a 7 day FREE trial as well as monthly/yearly membership pricing starting at $9/month.

4. Peloton (App)

Did you know that Peloton offers non-bike related workouts?! Their app features thousands of live and on-demand classes.  The workouts are a good mix of strength training, running, yoga and outdoor workouts so you won’t get bored and can always find something to challenge you. 


Cost: A 90 day FREE trial gets you started then it’s $12.99/month after that.

5. Barre 3

Barre 3 classes are full body workouts that are guaranteed to work up a sweat! Not only can you build toned muscles, increase your metabolism and lose weight with their classes but barre is good for your mind too! Their classes are designed to energize you and leave you feeling strong and confident. Sign us up! Oh and if you are looking for cutesy-feminine "Barre" type clothing check out our page curated collection of Barre Clothing

barre 3

Cost: To access their online content, you’ll need a subscription. They offer a 15 day free trial and memberships are $29 after that. Check out their FREE 30 minute workouts on YouTube!

6. Active by Popsugar

Active is a free membership by pop culture/lifestyle blog, PopSugar, that gives you access to hundreds of free workouts led by celebrity trainers and fitness experts! They have a huge variety in the types of workouts they offer including kettle bell workouts, boxing, yoga and more! 


Cost: FREE

7. Body By Simone

Simone is well-known as one of the hottest Hollywood fitness experts . The foundation of every “BBS” class is high-impact (and super fun) dance cardio with resistance and toning work. Their goal is to assist in creating long, lean muscle and will make every muscle in your body feel it. The program has different formats for classes to keep the routine fresh & exciting, plus you can sign up for live streaming classes which makes it more interactive!  (plus you will see her regularly wear a cute pair of shiny leggings that we sell on Evolve.)

Body By Simone
Body By Simone Online Dance Workouts

Cost: 14 Days for free and then $15.99/ month after that

8. MadFit

MadFit is a fun, lighthearted resource for getting in your daily sweat! The workouts are short and sweet and feature upbeat/poppy music. Trainer Maddie Lymburner offers a mix of full body, upper/lower body, HIIT and muscle burning challenges!

madfit online free workouts

Cost: FREE

9. Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a streaming service that provides workouts (and nutrition info!) that are catered to you and your fitness goals. They offer a mix of yoga, HIIT, full body, barre, kickboxing and pregnancy and post natal workouts to name a few! Just answer a few questions and they’ll tailor a program for you with a schedule of workouts.

Daily Burn

Cost: Try them out with a FREE 30 day trial, then $19.95/month. 

10. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is well known yoga instructor and founder of Strala, an original practice that combines elements of yoga, Tai Chi and TCM to help practitioners release stress, let go of bad habits and overcome challenges with ease. Her YouTube channel is filled with free creative flows for a variety of moods/goals.

Tara Stiles

Cost: FREE

Have you tried any of these? Let us know - we want to know your thoughts and plus you may win an outfit of your choice! Comment below...


- Rachael (Evolve Staff)


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