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Yoga Mats 101: Today there are so many choices when it comes to yoga mats. It can make the decision a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Don’t worry! We’ve all been there and we’re here to help. Our collection of yoga mats,  mat towels & props makes finding what you need simple and enjoyable.

We have a variety of different styles and fun prints with fresh, bold colors that will have you standing out in a sea of mats. We also carry more traditional options for thoses who take a no-fuss approach to their practice. The printed yoga mats are great for those who want to spice things up! Mats that feature natural rubber are great for those who want some extra grip while helping out the environment. A mat towel combo might be what you need if you frequently hit up hot yoga classes. Or maybe you want to ditch the mat all together and give the Ritual Rug from Ma Wovens a try? No matter what your preference, we have just the mat for you!

Brands to Know: You may have heard of or seen yoga mats by Manduka. This well-known brand has been around for decades and is used and loved by millions of yogis around the world. We love their mats for their superior quality and luxurious cushioning! B Yoga is perfect for those who take their mat on the go. Their super portable Traveller mat can be easily toted around town and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. For unique printed mats check out Pendelton x Yeti, Yoga Zeal, Popflex Active and Vagabond Goods! 

This Just In: The traditional yoga mat may need to make some room for the Ritual Rug by Ma Wovens. This Rug is ethically handwoven from organic hemp in India. It looks more like gorgeous home decor than a piece of workout equipment but don’t be fooled! The Ritual Rug provides excellent grip and comfort making it perfect for your practice! 


✭✭✭✭✭ “There are so many unique features to the ritual rug, where do I begin? The design is striking (hello, fringe!) and I love how it can be used for so many purposes without looking like a traditional yoga mat. This mat has been a game changer in my inversion practice, as it gives both visual and tactile alignment feedback. Also, the textures of the mat help me connect with where I am distributing weight. It is a joy to use this thoroughly crafted piece in my everyday practice.” - Valerie P.  (The Ritual Rug)

✭✭✭✭✭ “I’d never really had any feelings about my yoga mat until I found the Ritual Rug. It’s hard to describe, but there’s something really special about practicing on a handwoven rug. It definitely feels more natural, and as such my practice has become even more enjoyable - as soon as I touch it I feel a sense of calm. It grips really well and is much lighter than I thought it would be. I’m now totally in love with my yoga mat - that’s something I didn’t think I’d ever say!!” - Emily, R.

✭✭✭✭✭ “I finally broke down and bought a new yoga mat, Eko Lite 4mm, even though I adored my elephant-adorned old faithful. I read an article about the PVCs in yoga mats, and while I am hardly an environmental crusader, common sense says that having PVCs in my face every time I do yoga (vinyasa flow) might not be the best idea. So I figured that was my cue to purchase a new mat. I was skeptical of this mat: the price was high and I have a serious shoulder injury. Well, color me amazed!! This mat transformed my practice. I no longer have to grip the mat for dear life because it gets so sweaty and slippery. It is substantial, yet I can feel the floor, and I am much more grounded. It has literally made my practice almost pain free. Thank you, Manduka!!” - Jane M.

✭✭✭✭✭ “I practice yoga very regularly and teach it weekly. My prana mat had gotten a bit slippery after leaving it in the rain for a wash and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to grip during sweaty sessions again (though, it was never the perfect grip to begin with). I decided to get myself a new mat as a birthday present to myself this year. I did a lot of research. An overwhelming amount. I decided to take a chance on this mat, there weren't a ton of reviews yet but everything I could find on the net, was good. THIS IS THE BEST MAT I'VE EVER TOUCHED. The grip is perfection. Even in the hottest of hot yoga class. No problems. It's still soft to the touch. It's amazingly lightweight. It's thin with just enough cushion (but if you have bad joints you'll have to either double it up or consider another mat). And the colors are beautiful too!I seriously tell everyone about this mat, whether they care or not.I LOVE THIS MAT.LOVE.” - Marie E. Beck (B Yoga Everyday Mat)