KOOSHOO Dusk Blue Aurea Headband

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The KOOSHOO Aurea Ombre Headband is a shortened version of the Latin word: aureola, which means the golden halo surrounding sacred individuals in classic art. Your new Aurea headband will surround your head with the similar distinction as you move through your yoga poses and head out for a cup of coffee afterwards. The Aurea headband wraps around your head twice and does not slip. It also features and adjustable knot for sizing, one size fits all.

KOOSHOO makes eco-conscious lifestyle accessories on the planet, for the planet. All of their beautiful accessories celebrate earth's natural resources and never incorporate harmful chemicals or dyes. KOOSHOO is designed in Vancouver, Canada and made in Los Angeles. 11% of all proceeds go to fund Karma Teachers, an organization that offers free yoga classes in Vancouver's poorest neighborhood.  Take your workout outfit or everyday clothing to the next level with a KOOSHOO accessory, and enjoy the way it brightens up your practice. 

Why we love: Fits everyone, cute and organic headband!
Fabric: 75% Organic Cotton, 25% Natural Rubber