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Yoga Pants - Your Booty's Best Friend: What happens when you combine yoga, spandex, comfort and fashion? You get a booty flattering pant that you can practice in, kick back in run around town in. Men and women everywhere are loving the yoga pant trend, for completely different reasons. No matter what your motivation, we have the best yoga clothes collection to knock your barre socks off. Shop our diverse collection featuring every style of flare, skirt, foldover, waistband and fabric you could ever think of. We love to represent a myriad of different brands to choose from so go back to an old favorite or try someone new. Whatever your personal styling taste, we have a look for you that will have you feeling confident, comfortable and cute from mat to mall. 

Legging vs Pant:  We have all the bases covered in this category whether you are looking for a yoga capri, yoga legging, 3/4 length or classic bootcut pant. A legging typically gathers at the ankle or a new way to wear them is over the ankle (and heel area). A capri typically hits mid-calf and a 3/4 length is supposed to hit right below the calf. Of course this changes depending on how tall/ short you are an how long the inseam is. All products have the inseams noted under the product description, so you can measure where you would like them to hit. 

Skirt vs Waistband: They've got you covered, literally. Foldover skirts are a practical and flirty side of yoga pants. Many brands choose to add a foldover skirt to their to pant as it offers the surest solution to full coverage front and back. A fold-over skirt allows you to totally let go of concerns about sheerness, plus they are perfect to wear out and about without feeling like you are showing too much. Some of our favorite brands that offer an easy breezy skirt are from LVR and Saint Grace. The former brands both feature a paper thin foldover that adds absolutely no bulk to your hips and features extra length to fully cover your booty and front with a slimming and adjustable texture. Saint Grace features a foldover waistband which is slightly different than a full skirted pant. These slimming foldover waistbands can be adjusted to cover your booty or worn short around your waist for a relaxed look. They are made with the exact same fabric as the rest of the pant for a consistent look and texture. Skirts offer a lot of coverage and confidence benefits when you are on the mat or out and about but we recognize that the skirted pant look is not for everyone. For those of you who prefer the traditional waistband we carry a ton of pants with supportive waistbands and thick supportive fabrics that don't give away what you've got underneath. Whatever your preference we have lots of different looks, prints and styles to choose from. 

Flare VS Bootcut: Yoga pants can flatter your legs for days and we have three typical silhouettes for you to choose from: straight, bootcut and flared. Straight leg pants feature a consistent silhouette from hip to ankle and along with bootcut pants are the best for higher impact workouts with more movement requirements. Straight leg pants are also very comfortable to wear for lounge and on the go and look great with any type of shoe. Bootcuts feature a slight flare below the knee and are fitted above. One of the most flattering silhouettes bootcuts ensure that no extra fabric is getting in the way while you are running, walking, hiking or practicing yoga. Two of our all time favorite bootcuts are the Beyond Yoga Practice Pant from and LVR Foldover Flare. For a more dramatic look check out our diverse collection of flared pants for yoga, lounge and travel. Brands like Teeki, Saint Grace, LVR Fashion and Sense Clothing all feature wide flare made from super comfy fabrics like modal, organic cotton, and rayon for the softest and most cruise ready looks you've seen yet. Best of these pants feature enough stretch to get you through a restorative yoga session. 

Joggers & Sweats: Can't keep us away from a good jogger. Somedays we just love to throw on a pant that feels like a fluffy cloud before we head to yoga. True comfort exists in that moment when you lay back on your mat for well-deserved Savasana with your comfy sweats on. And the joggers and sweats our brands are making now are so cute and flattering it's becoming a must to wear them out to lunch or coffee afterwards. Some brands currently rocking the jogger and sweat scene include Onzie, Spiritual Gangster, Zobha, Beyond Yoga and more. Check these brands out and find the style you need for yoga and lounge. 

How to Find the Perfect Size: Since we carry a wide selection of different brands each piece will fit differently from the next. We recommend using the individual size charts located on each product page when choosing your size. If you still have questions please feel free to call or chat with us for styling advice. We are more than happy to pull it off the shelve, measure and try on to help you find your perfect fit. 



"Love Love Love my new pants. These are so flattering and comfy. And as always, you folks at Evolve Fit Wear are super awesome." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"I love these pants!!! These pants are flattering and comfortable, my only issue is how ling they are, I do like/appreciate they are made to be cut to your height, my issue is the awesome width of the bottom of pants was lost from cutting them soo short(I am 5'2''). But they are still really cute just not as wide on bottom as I would have liked. The taller you are the better for these pants" - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Perfect. I was looking for these pants EVERYWHERE and I finally found them at a reasonable price here! Yay! On top of that, I was able to use a discount code to get free shipping. I was so pumped, and I'm super happy with my purchase.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"If heaven were a pair of pants! these pants are so incredibly comfortable!! I am in love with them!!!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Love these pants! I discovered these pants 4 years ago at a TJ Maxx for $20. I've basically worn them everyday since purchasing and they are just now starting to fall apart. Love the quality and comfort! Worth every penny, even with the $60 price tag :)- (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Nice pants. I was very happy with these pants. They fit well - not tight like leggings but slim fit and nice detail around knees and pockets. Good value for the price.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Beautiful. I don't know how they did it but these pants are ultra flattering and slimming, even in white. They're beautiful but run a little small, so if you're in between sizes, size up. For reference I'm 5,7ft, ~129lb with hips and butt (a solid size 6 in lululemon pants) and size M fit well. Caution: they are a little see through in white if you don't pull the skirt all over your bum." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Cozy. Love this item, it is really adorable and also the softest most endearing material you'd ever put on your body." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Order wisely And do your alterations. i am a solid size 6, 5'4" and the size small is a bit too big. I am taking them in at the waist and had to shorten them by 6 inches. The fit is loose and relaxed. Fabric is soft and moves well.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)

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