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Emily Hsu Designs: New to Evolve

We at Evolve love to support awesome new emerging designers. Especially when those designers are made in the USA, and bring us fun versatile printed leggings, super sexy reptile prints, and sparkly leggings! ..

Yeah.. we kind of have a thing with sparkly leggings. This is why we are super excited to introduce Emily Hsu Designs!

Emily Hsu’s history is in professional dance, singing, and acting. Having acted in dozens of Broadway musicals and appearing in television and film, we can see where the inspiration for her gorgeous collection of beautifully eclectic leggings came from.

Her leggings are designed to be ultra functional, but remain totally stunning and stylish. The 4 way stretch will ensure that these yoga leggings will move with you during your practice.

One of our favorite features (aside from mermaid leggings that we adore) is the high waisted leggings with adjustable waistband. You can wear the waistband high for extra coverage, (especially when paired with an adorable Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt or Joah Brown crop top) or you can fold the waistband over for more of a low rider look! 

Sparkle and Shine!! 

We love the new take on these awesome shiny leggings with the perfect amount of sparkle to them. Beautiful and high quality, we couldn’t be more smitten! 


Cobra Printed Leggings

Whether you’re scared of snakes or not, you can’t deny the beauty in the unique scale patterns that these amazing creatures rock.

That’s why we’re honoring our inner snake lover and sssalivating over these awesome snake prints!


Animal Print Leggings

Maybe the literal snake print isn’t you’re thing, but no worries we’ve got these awesome colorful prints in leggings and capris to satiate the timid reptile person! 

emily hsu designs snake leggings

… oh and mermaid and snake print capris too!! 


However, we may have just saved the best of the best for last… That’s because we have sugar-free, calorie free, guilt free, DONUTS!!! We’re also totally digging the neon abstract honeycomb printed leggings. 

donut leggings

What can we say, finding the coolest brands in activewear and bringing them to you is what we do! Look forward to more prints coming soon from the Emily Hsu Design’s fall collection. We can’t wait! 


Laura C. Helms



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