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Yoga Mats: You Know its Time to Recycle When...

Three Signs its Time to Recycle Your Old Yoga Mat.

I work at a yoga studio so I understand the wear and tear that naturally occurs after a vigorous (or light) practice inflicts a yoga mat on a daily basis.

In general most yoga mats are durable, resistant to sweat, and can easily be cleaned for sanitary and odor fighting purposes. However, there are a few signs that signify it may be time to retire and recycle your yoga mat.

You know it’s time to recycle your favorite yoga mat when…

Foot Imprints

stained yoga mat

Foot imprints from your downward facing dog and tadasana poses are visibly indented into your mat. This reminds me of Birkenstocks and how, for this shoe, the natural imprint of the soul of your foot is considered a good thing. Unfortunately in Yoga, imprints of your feet from repetive asana are a sign that you may need to recycle your yoga mat!

Forever Smelly

smelly yoga mat

After various attempts to clean your yoga mat, it still smells! Believe me, I am a stickler when it comes to hosing down my yoga mat after a few weeks of steady practice and giving it a good wipe down to revitalize it for it’s next class.

clean your yoga mat

However, if your are still cringing every time you come down on to your stomach from the smell squishing up from your mat, it may be time to recycle your yoga mat!

Holy Holey Mat!

worn yoga mat

Unlike clothes, If your mat is starting to crack and rip with holes, it probably wont benefit from a patchwork job!

At my yoga studio we always retire mats that start to show signs of deep blemishes and holes.

The problem with deteriorating mats is that they don’t provide the same amount of cushion and support you need for your practice.

supportive yoga mat

So if you’re starting to feel or see the floors transparently through your mat, it may be time to recycle your yoga mat!

Where to recycle? Check out Recycle Your Mat, a foundation that helps keep waste out In the mean time. Or look up creative ways to reuse your old yoga mat.

If your yoga mat has lived a good life, honor yourself and your practice this year by investing in a new faithful companion…

best yoga mat

Shop our collection to find your ultimate best yoga mat for any practice!

If you need help trying to decide what suits you, check out our post Finding your Soul Mat to help you decide. 

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