Plus Size Activewear to Look Your Best

Plus Size Activewear to Look Your Best

Here at Evolve Fit Wear, we’re all about body positivity, feeling your best in your skin, and always being comfortable in what you’re wearing!

This philosophy is present by the variety of brands we carry, the range of printed and graphic and mesh yoga clothes we offer, and in how we guarantee that anyone who shops with us will always find what they need for their body type and feel amazing in the best activewear out there.

Since we want everybody to find the best yoga clothes for their body, we are now including a few stylish and awesome plus size brands on our site. Between Beyond Yoga, Yoga Democracy, Onzie and Tema you now have the cutest and most comfortable workout clothing that works for your curves.



Plus Size Activewear | Evolve Fit Wear


Everyone has a different style when it comes to workout leggings, which is why all three of our plus size brands offer a little bit of everything.

Breeze Activewear has produced a legging with a beautiful, light print to go with any solid color tank. For those who prefer a signature black legging, both Rainbeau Curves and Tema Athletics have created multiple options with flattering detailing, such as mesh panels on the calves or brightly colored seams to show off your curves and add a bit of style. No matter your preference, we’ve got exactly what you need for a yoga class or for casual day wear.



Plus Size Activewear | Evolve Fit Wear

Both Tema Athletics and Rainbeau Curves have outdone themselves with their workout top selection.

Everything from subtle prints to shades of black to bright colors is available to add both style and comfort to your workout wardrobe. And to help you warm up and get to and from your classes, look no further than the pullovers and zip ups from Rainbeau Curves.

Their colors are on point and will allow you to stay active in the cooler months.


Sports Bras

Plus Size Activewear | Evolve Fit Wear

When it comes to support, we of course have to mention supporting the girls. Having the right sports bra for your workout is very important and Rainbeau Curves offers the perfect design.

With most of their sports bras created with a zippered front, they’re easy to take on and off and hold you in when you need it most.

The straps are comfortable and wide for added support and the backs of the bras have a keyhole structure for breathability as well as style.


Plus Size Activewear | Evolve Fit Wear

We’ve set you up to have the best workout outfits for all shapes and sizes. Combing style, comfort, breathability, ease of movement, and colorful designs, all three of our plus size activewear offer XL-3XL have anything you’re looking for and more!



Sara Rosario (Evolve Staff)


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