This week for Staff Picks Saturday we chat it up with Sara Rosario, our awesome Product Uploading Assistant.

Sara is a great addition to our team!

She works hard to upload awesome new gear, so that you can grab it up like gluten-free vegan hot-cakes! Sara is always kind and sweet with her aloha vibes that make working with her an absolute pleasure.

 sara rosario

Tell us about yourself and your style:

My name is Sara, I’m a 25 year old virgo.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I have been living in Portland for 6 years. I would say my style is inspired, laid-back, and comfy, with a boho vibe.

I am a creative person so inspiration seeps into every facet of my life, including my personal style.

My style is inspired by my island roots, my current surroundings, and my love for the universe.

 sara rosario

Tell us about your body type:

Curvy, baby! I struggled a long time with accepting my own body, but I realized there is absolute beauty in everything, including so called “imperfections.”

I’ve embraced my curves and realized dressing for your individual body type is key to looking and feeling good!

I love high waist leggings, flowy tops, cardigans, and dresses ~ comfort is queen in my wardrobe!


Explain why you chose these items:


Onzie Long Legging:

I find inspiration in all things colorful!

These leggings make me happy everytime I look at them, plus I love that the abstract print is blooms and budding trees ~ i love nature!


Spritual Gangster  Tank:

I want to swim in a sea of Spiritual Gangster! The fabrics they use are so amazingly soft and comfy.

I also really love all of their inspirational designs ~ they have a great message and promote only the best vibes!


Scarves are my one of my go-to accessories! They easily make any outfit look put together. I also love how versatile scarves are ~ in the summer time I like using a cute scarf as a spot to sit at a festival, or as a hood for sun protection!


Books are a wonderful way to expand your mind and find fresh inspiration! I love reading anything about spirituality and metaphysics ~ I’m currently reading The Nature of the Universe, and The Art of Dreaming.


This sage and agate hamsa are from my personal altar. There is nothing like lighting sage, clearing your space, and thanking the universe for all of the blessings in your life ~ i find peace in being grateful and realigning myself with the energies of the universe. 


Vintage Camera:

This camera was my great grandpa’s camera. I love vintage items because of how much history they hold, but this piece is extra special because it’s part of my family history. Photography is also a passion of mine. Every time I pick up a camera it’s a form of personal meditation. 


Stones, Pinecones & Feather:

I love feeling connected to the cosmos whether its hiking, an outdoor yoga session, or surrounding myself with things from the earth.

I have a stone and mineral collection on my altar and I love decorating my space with feathers, pine cones and other treasures from nature.






Thanks so much to Sara for taking the time to share a little about herself! Next week we’ll sit down with our babelicious Creative Director and Graphic Designer Kristina Plummer the fantastic dog-mama behind the famed @bulldogstuff! 



Laura C. Helms

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