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Yoga Clothes 101: Today there are over 6,000 yoga studios in the United States alone. That’s a ton of Chaturangas being done every day! With so much yoga going on we’re thrilled to be able to provide one convenient space for yogis and fitness enthusiasts alike to find the latest activewear from all your long time favorite brands and some new lines that we know you’ll be obsessed with! Here at Evolve Fit Wear you can snag your trusty Hardtail yoga pants and that favorite tank top you can't stop wearing every day.  We’ve carefully curated our selection of activewear so you never have to worry about what the hot new trend is, we’ve done the research for you so you can get right back to what’s important in life. We want you to get the absolute best activewear possible, so we only work with brands that we ourselves love and wear daily. And we’re here to support you no matter how you stay fit! That’s why you’ll find gear in a wide variety of fabrics, cuts and designs suitable for all types of physical activity. Whether you’re sweating it out in hot yoga, putting in work at the gym or salsa dancing on a Friday night our collection of on-trend activewear always brings you the quality you need to perform at your highest level. 


Brands You Should Know About: When it comes to yoga clothing we mean business! Many of our customers are yoga instructors and some of their go-to brands are Hyde Yoga or Beyond Yoga (made in the usa and super comfy!) Our commitment to bringing you the best activewear possible means we only carry brands we back up 100%. And we love that all of our brands share the same dedication to high quality clothing. Our collection of activewear features lines that are made in the USA, always on top of the latest trends, focused on sustainability and eco-conscious manufacturing practices, and give back to their communities! One of our favorite brands, Spiritual Gangster has been in the game for over 10 years and always has the best of on-trend tops that elevate any yoga or streetwear look. Hardtail is another popular brand that features high quality essentials loved by yogis around the world for their buttery soft fabric and no budge leggings. For a great brand made in the USA check out Hardtail, their Bootleg Flare Pants are a constant best-seller on our site! 

Hot New Trends: One of our favorite things here at Evolve Fit Wear is being able to bring you all the latest trends in yoga clothing and activewear! Right now leopard leggings are super hot and we’ve been seeing tons of variations of the common "brown" leopard print. Another customer favorite are leggings with pockets - everyone wants to have a little credit card holder on their daily walks (or to hold snacks!). Camo Leggings seem to never go out of style, especially with pops of color like in Emily Hsu’s Hero Sneaker Legging. The crop top trend has been going for a while now and shows no signs of slowing down! We love pairing them with ultra high waisted leggings for a chic look anyone can rock without revealing too much. We’re also loving strappy bras and bell bottoms right now, check out the Bow Bra from Onzie for a sweet yet sexy sports bra and Yoga Democracy’s Retro Rainbow Printed Bell Bottoms for a throwback look that’s guaranteed to turn heads!


✭✭✭✭✭  "If you live for yoga, it helps to dress like it. Evolve is a wonderful place to find the perfect leggings and sports bras. I’ve shopped at Evolve many times, and I’ve always enjoyed my experience with them." - Laura W.

✭✭✭✭✭  “I can not say enough good things about Evolve Fit Wear! I have purchased several leggings and countless tops from them and have never had an issue once. Their selection is better than other places without the crazy high prices! I love how active they are on the site, it seems like every times I’m on it there’s something new and it’s always CUTE. I have multiple pairs of the Hardtail bootcut legging and it is by far my favorite legging ever! I like it way more than traditional legging (although I still have and wear a ton of those). Overall excellent company, wonderful selection and very high quality.” - Mel S. 

✭✭✭✭✭  "Great selection for environmentally sound clothing ! As well as non-toxic ! I’m pregnant and am super cautious about clothing brands like green apple are all organic cotton :)"  - Maggie, Y.

✭✭✭✭✭  "I believe in buying local and appreciate the large selection of domestic made in usa brands at great prices. Orders are shipped and delivered quickly." Pauline, C.

✭✭✭✭✭  "I was able to filter through all the leggings and use the size charts to see if my size was available for the leggings I was interested in. Easy payment method. No regrets." Mary, A.

✭✭✭✭✭  "I have been scraping by for years without REAL yoga clothing for practicing Bikram yoga. Today I made my second purchase from and can't wait to get my next outfit!"  Marguarite, M.