The Yogiwheel: Open Your Heart to Possibility


One of our newest yoga props has opened our hearts and we had to share it with you! The Yogiwheel is a prop that will advance your yoga practice and aid you in safely and gently opening your heart. We chose this particular version of the yoga wheel to sell on our site because it’s made right here in the USA, and featuring inspiring quotes from Rumi, Buddha, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar, as well as cool graphics that we haven’t seen on any other version. We put together a guide to inspire you to implement this cool yoga prop into your practice.


Disclaimer: Please remember, however, with anything in our yoga practice we need to listen to and respect our bodies.The Yogiwheel and Evolve are not responsible for any injury incurred through use of the product. Please contact your physician before starting any new exercise routine, especially when the neck and spine are concerned.

Building a Bridge to Bridge Pose:

Sit on the floor with the wheel at the base of the spine and knees bent using your hands to support yourself as you lean back begin to lift your hips up off the ground and allow the spine to lay over the center of the wheel. From here you can use the wheel to roll up and down the vertabrae of the spine. To expand further into this stretch you can lift your arms over head and work towards grabbing the wheel behind the head. Hold this pose for 5-10 breaths. To exit the pose, roll back into a seated position and slowly bring yourself back upright.

yogiwheel-onzie-track-leggings (Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Active Terri Crop Bra and the Onzie Track Leggings in Black)

A Shoulder Stand to Lean On:

Take your shoulder stand to new heights by using the Yogiwheel to aid in lengthening the lower back and opening the heart. To do this, start with the bridge pose (see above), allow yourself to roll over the Yogiwheel until your shoulders come to rest on the floor. It’s important to keep the gaze straight ahead, and not to move the head around in this pose. Use your hands to snuggle the wheel in closer to the lower back by grabbing on the far edge of the wheel. Once you have this you can try raising one leg up at a time, and then if you feel ready lifting both legs up over head on an inhale. Hold this pose for 5-10 breaths. To exit the pose lift your hips up, remove the yogi wheel and gently lower yourself back down to the floor. 


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Active Terri Crop Bra and Electric & Rose Lake Leggings in Black & White Floral)

Side Unwinders:

After a long day it’s nice to stretch your side, we used the Yogiwheel to aid us in getting that extra stretch through our side ribs in our Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana. To do this stretch sit with one leg stretched in front and bending the other leg bring your foot towards the groin area. Place the wheel on the inside of the extended leg and cross your ankle on the inside of the Yogiwheel. Shift your pelvis to point your belly button at your bent knee, and allow the side body to drape over the Yogiwheel as you extend your arm over head rotating your palm behind you. 


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Active Margot Crop Bra and Onzie Track Leggings in Black)

Forward Fold Momentum:

The Yogiwheel can also be used to prop forward folds like Paschimottanasana (pictured below). If you are already safely and easily touching your toes in this intense forward fold, you can bring yourself deeper into the pose by placing the wheel on the souls of your feet and using your inhale to lengthen your spine and your exhale to deepen the fold as you move into this pose. The wheel will aid in keeping the feet in proper flexion keeping the knees safe. Remember to keep the legs pressing down and not to overexert your hamstrings! Walking tomorrow is a good thing! 😉


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Margot Crop Bra and the Onzie Track Leggings in Black)


Take your Upward Facing Bow Pose Upwards:

If Urdhva Dhanurasana is a part of your practice, you can use the Yogiwheel to get an extra Quad Stretch out of it! To do this stretch, come into bridge pose (as shown above), take your arms over your head and allow the palms to rest on the floor shoulder distance apart. Bring your feet in until you can comfortably lift your hips up to come into Urdhva Dhanurasana. Keeping the knee in line with the hip, bring the foot to the Yogiwheel allowing it to roll slowly towards the head as the foot moves up and the knee bends. 


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Actice Terri Crop Bra and Varley Active Bicknell Compression Tight)


Take Back the Drop Back:

Doing a drop back into Upward Facing Bow Pose (above) above can been one of the scariest things in yoga, but done properly can take your practice to new heights! Using the Yogiwheel to start the prep work for this feat will allow you to build flexibility and confidence to start to get you ready for a dropback. To do this stretch, start in Ustrasana or Camel Pose (pictured left), holding the Yogiwheel in both hands take it up over your head and allow it to come to the upper back. It’s super important to remember to keep your abs engaged and the hips pressing forwards. Once you’re comfortable with this, You can try it standing by taking the wheel along the spine and pressing it into your tailbone and then allow the back to drape over the Yogiwheel as you do this. Keep the hips pressing forward and don’t forget to maintain breath and integrity in the front body as you do this. To exit the pose, slowly bring yourself back to a standing position.


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Onzie Chic Bra in Black and the Vimmia Constant Gardener Leggings)

Head to Toes in Love with The Yogiwheel:

If one day touching your toes to your head is a goal of yours you can use the Yogiwheel to start to build the flexibility in the upper back and lengthen your psoas muscle, which is the muscle in the front body that brings the knee to the chest when in flexion and the foot towards the head in extension. You can start this prep work using the stretch below (pictured left), and if you’re comfortable doing Forearm Stand You can use the Yogiwheel as a prop to start to bring the foot towards a base that isn’t as intense as aiming for the head.  


(Yogini Skylor pictured in the Varley Terri Crop Bra and the Purusha People Mermaid Spirit Leggings)

Remember to be mindful, and acknowledge where your body is at and it’s current limits. Keep in mind to enjoy the journey in your own practice, and hold reverence for another’s practice without jealousy or frustration towards your own. Never force or push yourself into a pose that causes pain or discomfort either while in or after the pose. 

If you have some other cool stretches or awesome poses with your Yogiwheel remember to tag us on Instagram @evolvefitwear. We’d love to see how you’re using this awesome tool in your practice!


Laura C. Helms