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Geared Up: The Gear You Need For Your Next Workout

Here at Evolve we don’t just love exercise, we love having the right gear for our workouts! 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite types of workouts with suggestions on what to expect and what gear you should bring.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed expert or just starting out, we hope this article helps you discover useful tips and advice about different types of workouts and what the best gear for the job is.

Find your favorite workout below for suggestions on our favorite activewear and accessories, or look for a new workout you’ve always wanted to try, and discover what you should expect and the type of gear you might need.


yoga clothing

Heated Yoga

What to Expect During Heated Yoga

Even for people who regularly practice yoga, it is important to be mentally prepared for a hot yoga class.

Though the room will be heated with high humidity, your body will adjust to the temperature. If you’re new to hot yoga try showing up a little early to the class to get your body adjusted to the heat.  

The intensity of heated yoga classes varies depending on the you choose; it can vary from low intensity (yin) to high intensity (vinyasa or hatha).

You’ll need two towels for any heated yoga class, one for your face and hands, and one that lays over your mat to prevent slipping.

With any workout it is important to stay hydrated, but this is especially true for heated yoga since you will literally be dripping with sweat, so make sure to hydrate before, during, and after.hot yoga clothing

What to Wear During Heated Yoga

In heated yoga the name of the game is maximum breathability. You will want to wear the least amount of layers possible, shorts and a bra top are the perfect combination for heated yoga. If you’re not into shorts you can always go for hot yoga pants with breathable, quick drying fabric. Yoga clothes with mesh are always a good idea for heated yoga because mesh fabrics provide the most breathability and ventilation.

With a super quick drying signature fabric, and lots of mesh options, Onzie has become a favorite brand of practicing yogis everywhere. Try out Onzie’s High Rise Legging or yogi favorite Side Tie Short for your next heated yoga class.

Your yoga mat towel is as important as your clothing, so make sure to choose an absorbent yoga towel for your practice. Check out the current favorite from Yoga Design Lab with zen scenic prints that will brighten up your practice

Combo yoga mats are also a great option as they combine a yoga mat and towel into one for an absorbent mat that is ideal for heated yoga.

Unheated Yoga

What to Expect During Unheated Yoga

Unheated yoga is perfect for beginning yogis, or yogis who prefer a more traditional style of yoga like yin or hatha.

Unheated yoga studios are just that, studios with no heat or humidity, which helps to bring your focus inward focused on your practice and not the heat.

The intensity of any yoga class varies depending on the you choose; it can vary from low intensity (yin) to high intensity (vinyasa or hatha).

Like any workout, stay hydrated, and remember to listen to your body (if you’re unsure of how to get into a pose or need an alternative always ask your teacher).

Depending on how much your body likes to sweat, bring a small towel with you to wipe off your face and hands in between poses.Yoga | Workout Wear from Evolve Fit Wear

What to Wear During Unheated Yoga

Comfortable activewear clothing, that you can bend and move in, is the ideal clothing for Unheated Yoga.

Though loose fitting clothes are perfectly fine to wear, fitted or semi-fitted clothing helps your yoga teacher see if your alignment is correct or if it needs adjusting.

Breathable, quick drying fabrics help keep you dry and comfortable in any yoga class, whether you’re sweating a little or a lot. Leggings from Onzie are a popular option among yogis due to their quick-drying swimsuit like material.

Similar to Onzie, but offering fabric made from recycled bottles  and performance features like ultimate quick drying and breathability, Teeki leggings are ideal for pretty much any yoga practice (even SUP yoga!).

Always wear a bra you feel comfortable doing downward dog and/or inverted poses in (we like sports bras with higher cut necklines for full coverage), you don’t want to be readjusting the whole class!

Check out our favorite full coverage bras like the Onzie Chic Bra and all of the Handful Bra collection– which keep the ladies in place during a tough workout!

Restorative Yoga

What to Expect During Restorative Yoga

If you have a packed schedule, and feel like you can never fully unwind, may be the ideal yoga practice for you.

Restorative Yoga is a practice that frequently utilizes props, and extended holding of simple poses, for a practice with a focus on deep relaxation.

By slowing down the pace, Restorative Yoga helps to calm the nervous system helping you to release tension and quiet the mind. All you’ll need for this relaxing practice is comfortable clothing, water, and your mat; your yoga studio should have all the props you will need for a restorative yoga class.

restorative yoga clothing

What to Wear During Restorative Yoga

With a concentration on deep relaxation, comfortable clothing is a must for Restorative Yoga.

While you can always wear semi-fitted or relaxed clothing, it is ideal to wear fitted clothing so your teacher can help with your alignment during class.

Yoga clothing from brands like Beyond Yoga, KiraGrace and Hardtail work great for Restorative Yoga because they utilize soft fabrics and comfortable fits that are perfect for the mat.

During a Restorative Yoga class your muscles may get cold while holding certain poses, so always bring extra layers you can put on in-between poses or while in savasana.

Comfy Joggers, or long sleeve tops, are perfect layering options for keeping your muscles warm.


Barre | Workout Wear from Evolve Fit Wear

What to Expect During Barre

Inspired by the exercises ballerina dancers have to practice to get the perfect plie, Barre is a trendy new workout that utilizes small but effective movements that directly target muscle groups.

Small, isometric movements combined with stretches make Barre an effective workout that tones and lengthens muscles.

Barre class you can expect to switch from exercises done at the barre to exercises similar to Pilates or Yoga.

Wearing fitted clothing will help keep your muscles warm while also allowing the teacher to see your form. When you go into a class you will notice that most Barre Clothing consists of leggings (or capris) with a loose fitting tank top over a sports bra. 

While in the studio you won’t be wearing any shoes, so make sure to wear barre socks, or ask your studio if they allow bare feet.

What to Wear During Barre

Fitted, long leggings help keep your muscles warm during a Barre class, while a fitted top helps your teacher to see your form and make adjustments as needed.

Long leggings are also great for helping to cushion your ankle while at the barre. A customer favorite is the Beyond Yoga spacedye leggings for soft moisture wicking fabric that will keep you warm and provide cushion at the barre.

For stability during Barre it is best to wear grip socks in the studio. Pointe Studio and ToeSox offer a variety of barre socks with silicone grip designs on the bottom of each pair, providing increased stability and slip resistance in the studio.


Spin | Workout Wear from Evolve Fit Wear

What to Expect During Spin

Sign up for the next spin class at your local gym or cycle studio for a high intensity cardio workout that takes cycling to whole new level. If you are lucky enough a Peloton, you can just hop on with your "personal spin teacher" at any hour. 

The intensity of each session will fluctuate throughout the class as a result of changing up body position, pedal speed, and resistance.

For beginners, this makes it easy to adjust the intensity to accommodate your level of ability.

Some spin classes will mix in upper body movements using resistance bands or light dumbbells, for a whole body workout.

Most spin instructors will keep the atmosphere fun and exciting by bumpin’ music, keeping routines fresh, and sometimes dimming the lights.

Certain cycle classes will require cycling shoes (don’t worry, if cycling shoes are required, your studio should have them available to rent), but normal athletic shoes should work for most classes.

This fast paced workout will definitely make you sweat, making breathable, moisture wicking activewear a must for any spin class.

Don’t forget to bring a hand towel and water bottle, you’ll need to stay hydrated and keep your hands dry to prevent slipping on the handlebars.

What to Wear During Spin

The high intensity nature of any spin class makes breathable, lightweight clothing a necessity.

In spin class you are always moving, whether it’s pedaling or climbing a “hill”, the constant movement makes re-adjusting your clothes a pain.

Try leggings or capris made from lightweight performance fabric with elastic in the waistband, not only will the performance fabric help keep you comfortable and cool throughout class, the elastic will help your pants stay put for the duration of your workout.

Try some performance high rise leggings from Goldsheep to spice up your spin class plus offering = quick drying, moisture wicking and breathability.

While the fabric delivers performance, the elastic in the waistband lends a secure fit that won’t slide down.


Running | Workout Wear from Evolve Fit Wear

What to Expect During Running

The best part about running for exercise is that it is a completely individual workout meaning you can adjust the intensity as you see fit, and even add in high intensity spurts if you’re feelin’ feisty.

Whether you opt for a long distance run, sprint intervals, or alternate between running and walking, running is a great full body cardio workout that is guaranteed to make you break a sweat.

What to Wear During Running

Whether you’re running on a treadmill or on the pavement it is important that your activewear is breathable and stays put with little to no re-adjusting needed.

For outdoor runs in low light conditions, it is imperative that your workout clothing has reflective detailing so you can stay visible during your workout.

Check out all of the leggings from K-Deer, their signature legging boasts mesh panels for breathability, reflective details at the calves, and a waistband that stays put throughout your practice. 

For outdoor runs in the colder months, the Blanc Noir Reflective Mesh Inset Puffer Vest features a highly reflective finish with hidden mesh panels throughout the design, making it perfect for throwing on before heading out on that morning run.

Strength Training

Strength Training | Workout Wear from Evolve Fit Wear

What to Expect During Strength Training

Most women think they’ll get too “bulky” if they start lifting weights, but don’t let that myth prevent you from reaping the benefits of strength training!

Among other things, strength training helps develop lean muscles, lose fat, build a stronger heart, and increase your balance and coordination.

Proper form is imperative when strength training so make sure to do your research, check with your doctor (if you have a previous injury, etc.), or sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer before starting a new strength training routine.

Bring water and a hand towel with you to the gym as you’ll want to stay hydrated, and be able to wipe down any equipment after using it.

What to Wear During Strength Training

Unrestricted movement is important when strength training, so you’ll want to wear activewear that you can bend, squat, and move in.

As a lady lifter it’s also nice to not have to worry about exposing your thong when squatting or deadlifting, so high waisted leggings are always a bonus.

The high rise waistband will ensure full coverage throughout your workout while the compression fabric boasts benefits that helps with blood circulation and muscle recovery. Yoga Democracy features a high waistband along with tops to match - for a fun set.

Their signature fabric made from recycled water bottles is soft to the touch and will help keep your muscles warm throughout your workout.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned weight lifter, it’s important to start and end your workout with warm muscles, so wear a pre-workout pullover and comfy joggers rev up your workout, remove layers as your muscles warm up, and don’t forget to layer back up before heading out.

What type of workout are you into? Comment below we'd love to know what your must-have pieces are. 


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